Prof. Dr. Herbert Woratschek


E-Mail: dlm@uni-bayreuth.de
Telefon: +49 921 55 3497
Fax: +49 921 55 3496
Gebäude: Sport Raum: 1.09
Sprechstunde:Mittwoch, 10.00-12.00 Uhr nach vorheriger Vereinbarung im Sekretariat

Research Profile

The management of Service Value Framework builds the focus of research at the Institute of Service Management. Many research projects are joint projects with national companies and organisations (sport, tourism, finance) as well as international partners (e.g. Auckland, New Zealand). The research highlights can be subdivided as following:

  • Quality Management
  • Quality measurements in the service sector (tourism, healthcare, sports, and financial service providers)
  • Value oriented benchmarking (health care, sport leagues)
  • Incentive systems in employee management


  • Value co-creation
  • Sports value framework and Service Dominant Logic
  • Co- Branding and Brand Value in Sport Management
  • Brand, Branded and Anti-Brand-Communities
  • Actor Engagement in Eco-Service Systems (Online Customer Engagement, Sport Sponsoring)
  • Innovative Media and Context Dependent Behaviour (Mobile TV, Public Viewing, IP-TV)


  • Price management
  • Demand-driven price management in sports
  • Empirical estimations of willingness to pay (ticket prices, context-dependent sur-charges)

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