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PIOTR - Project Kickoff Workshop

The kickoff workshop for the PIOTR project will take place at the KU Lublin on February 16 and 17, 2016.


First Day, 16.02

09:30--09:45: Welcome

09:45--11:00: Martin van Hees: Rights, Freedom and Power

11:00--11:15: Coffee

11:15--12:15: Marzena Kordela: Permissive Norms in Jurisprudence

12:20--13:20: Marek Piechowiak: Subjective Rights and Their Normative Structure

13:30--14:30: Lunch

14:30--15:30: Session Group 1: Multi-agent dynamics of obligations from strong permissions.

  • Clayton Peterson: Conditionals in Deontic Actions. Contrary-to-duty reasoning with substructural logics
  • Marek Lechninak: AGM and the collisions of norms in legal codes
  • Olivier Roy: Dynamic Permissions and Legal Abilities

15:30--15:45: Coffee

15:45--16:45: Session Group 2: Obligations and permissions in hierarchical organizations.

  • Piotr Kulicki & Robert Trypuz: Normative conflicts in multivalued settings
  • Albert Anglberger: Directives in EU law

17:00--18:00: Project Business Meeting

19:00: Dinner

Second Day, 17.02

10:00--11:15: Marek Sergot: Normative Positions

11:15--11:30: Coffee

11:30--12:30: Session group 3: Defeasibility of obligations generated by permissions

  • Norbert Gratzl
  • Ilaria Cavanotto: t.b.a.
  • Anna Karczewska: Logic of possible realization
  • Huimin Dong: Conditionals in Deontic Actions

12:30--14:00: Lunch

14:00--15:30 Subproject organizational meetings

15:30--16:30: Janusz Czelakowski: Action and Non-Monotonic Reasonings

16:30--17:45: Emiliano Lorini: Influence and responsibility

19:00: Dinner

Invited Speakers

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