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Recent Publications

  • Marta Bilkova, Giuseppe Greco, Alessandra Palmigiano, Apostolos Tzimoulis and Nachoem Wijnberg. The Logic of Resources and Capabilities. Under review. Available at: http://arxiv.org/abs/1608.02222
  • Bilkova, M., Majer, O., and Pelis, M. “Epistemic Logic for Skeptical Agents”, to appear in JLC special issue (2015).
  • Bílková, M., Palmigiano, A., and Venema, Y. “Proof systems for Moss' coalgebraic logic.” Theoretical Computer Science 549 (2014), pp. 3660.
  • Fischer, M., and Gratzl, N. "Kripke-Feferman's Theory of Truth Characterized by Infinitary Calculi". Manuscript, 2015.
  • Grossi, D., and Pigozzi, G. Judgment Aggregation: A Primer. Synthesis Lectures on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, 2014.
  • Klein, Dominik, and Jan Sprenger. "Modelling individual expertise in group judgements." Economics and Philosophy 31.01 (2015): 3-25.
  • Pacuit, E. and Roy, O. "Epistemic Foundations of Game Theory". In Zalta, E.N. (ed.), The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Spring 2015 Edition), 2015
  • Pelis, M. “Inferences with Ignorance: Logics of Questions (Inferential Erotetic Logic and Erotetic Epistemic Logic).” Acta Universitatis Carolinae Philosophica et Historica (2015), Karolinum.
  • Puncochar, V. “Spaces of Information States.” Under revision in Journal of Philosophical Logic.
  • Puncochar, V. “Weak Negation in Inquisitive Semantics.” Under revision in Journal of Logic, Language and Information.
  • Pigozzi, G. "The Logic of Group Decisions: Judgment Aggregation." Journal of Philosophical Logic (2015), pp. 115.
  • Prenosil, A. “A Duality for Distributive Unimodal Logic.” Advances in Modal Logic, vol. 10, pp. 423–438. College Publications, London, 2014.
  • Sedlár, I. “Epistemic extensions of modal distributive substructural logics.” To appear in the Journal of Logic and Computation.
  • Sedlár, I. “Substructural epistemic logics.” Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics 25, 256-285, 2015.
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