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Good scientific practice

The UNIVERSITY OF BAYREUTH GRADUATE SCHOOL implements the "Measures to ensure the standards of good academic practice in the supervision of doctoral candidates and the writing of the doctorate" as recommended by the University Governing Board on 12th July, 2011.

Aim is an obligatory introduction to scientific work during the entire course through to doctoral graduation as part of the curriculum.

The supervision of doctoral candidates should take place within a framework which ensures the long-term familiarity with the standards of good scientific practice.  

Supervision of doctoral candidates takes place within a framework which ensures continuous reference to the standards of good scientific practice.

Safeguarding Standards of Good Scientific Practice and Handling of Scientific Misconduct

 § 3 Rules of good scientific practice and academic misconduct (§3 of the University of Bayreuth's by-laws)

(1) 1All persons actively engaged in research at the University of Bayreuth are obligated to uphold academic integrity (Article 6 para 1 sentence 3 of the Bavarian Higher Education Act). 2They are obligated to observe accepted rules and standards of good scientific practice in their scholarly work, to independently clear up any doubts regarding such standards, to avoid academic misconduct, and to correct any cases of academic misconduct they discover.   3They are responsible for any consequences of academic misconduct that can be attributed to them.

(2) The faculties shall ensure that the standards of good academic practice are permanently reflected in all programmes of study and in the supervision of doctoral researchers; this includes pointing out the dangers of academic misconduct. 2Aside from the responsibilities of the faculty, supervisors shall offer their doctoral students regular discussions which shall also serve to clarify any doubts pertaining to the standards of good academic practice.

(3)1Scholarly research seeks to attain scientific knowledge, to lay scientific foundations, and to advance teaching and learning (Article 6 para 1 sentence 1 of the Bavarian Higher Education Act); it is characterized by independent and methodically regulated work towards possible scientific advances. 2This applies, in particular, to scientific work carried out during one's doctoral research.   3Doctoral supervision does not release doctoral students from their obligation to familiarize themselves with the relevant standards of good scientific practice and to observe these standards at all times. 4As long as there are no indications that the standards of good scientific practice have been violated, the supervisor shall trust in the proper conduct of the doctoral researcher (trust principle). 5Sentences 3 and 4 apply mutatis mutandis to all persons who are not doctoral researchers but who carry out research at one of the University's research centres (e.g. collaborative research centres, research training groups, research groups, research institutes, chairs).

(4)1In particular, the standards of good scientific practice include

  1. handling ideas, texts, data, etc. taken from others in a transparent and comprehensible way, namely by applying clear quotations rules which avoid confusion;
  2. collecting primary data in a way that is comprehensible to others - especially by way of recording and documenting in full;
  3. maintaining a strict policy of honesty with regard to the research contributions of others - especially when publishing research results, by naming any person whose scientific or other substantial contributions are used, acknowledging co-authors, and if possible, identifying their contributions;
  4. acknowledging the joint responsibility of co-authors for publications to the exclusion of so-called "honorary authorship";
  5. evaluating and grading scholarly works using transparent standards or criteria which, in particular, ensure that originality and quality take priority over quantity;
  6. transparency with regard to the funding of research projects;
  7. disclosing any conflicts of interest that may arise in connection with a research project.2The specific features of the individual academic disciplines, especially the subject areas in which experimental work is done, and the requirements of multi-, inter-, and cross-disciplinary research are also to be observed.

(5) Primary data as the basis for publications shall be securely stored for ten years in a durable form in the institution of their origin to the extent that this is required for the purposes of verifiability.

(6) Notwithstanding the responsibility of the faculty (para 2 sentence 1), the directors of the various academic units and working groups (para 3 sentence 5) must ensure via appropriate organizational measures that managerial and supervisory duties with such units and working groups - including clarification of the relevant standards of good scientific practice - are clearly defined and fulfilled by the relevant person.

By-laws of the University of Bayreuth on 10th May 2012
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Good scientific practice during a doctorate

Measures to ensure the standards of good scientific practice in the supervision of doctoral candidates

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