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Guidelines on “Shaping a Doctorate Together” for Doctoral Candidates and Supervisors


Doing a Doctorate - Information brochure

Doctorate at the University of Bayreuth

At the University of Bayreuth, you can complete your doctorate at one of the Graduate Centers or at one of the six faculties. For further questions relating to your doctorate, please contact your potential supervisor or one of the contacts in the Graduate Centers.

Doctoral candidates of all disciplines at the University who have been accepted by one of the Graduate Centers or received a confirmation of acceptance from one of the faculties can become a member of the UNIVERSITY OF BAYREUTH GRADUATE SCHOOL.

On the following pages you will find important information relating to a doctorate at the University of Bayreuth:

Structured Doctorate

Doctorates in structured programs often have an interdisciplinary focus, focus on a particular area of research or are carried out in a project.

Graduate centers and doctoral programs

Overview of graduate centers and associated doctoral programs

Individual doctorates

At the University of Bayreuth, individual doctorates can be undertaken in all faculties.

Supervision agreement

A supervision agreement should make the relationship between doctoral candidate and supervisor transparent with regard to content and timing.

Good scientific practice

The supervision of doctoral candidates at the University of Bayreuth should take place within a framework that ensures the long-term familiarity with standards of good scientific practice.

Enrollment during the doctorate?

During your doctorate, you can enroll as a student in the early years. It is not a requirement for membership of the UNIVERSITY OF BAYREUTH GRADAUTE SCHOOL.