Enrolment during the doctorate

Legal Basis

In article 49, paragraph 3 of the Bavarian Higher Education Act (BayHSchG) (BayRS 2210-1-1-WFK, as amended), the enrolment for the purpose of a doctorate is regulated.

Thus, students may remain enrolled in the relevant course after passing their final examination or may re-enroll when they apply for enrollment or the continuation of enrollment in order to complete a doctorate.

The requirement for the doctorate is based solely on the provisions of the doctoral regulations of the respective faculty.

Duration of the Doctorate

A doctoral student shall be deregistered when the doctorate is completed, but no later than after three years.

In accordance with these regulations, students are deregistered at the end of the sixth semester of their doctoral studies and may not enroll for further study.

Enrolment for the purpose of a doctorate beyond the sixth semester is only possible for compelling reasons in connection with the doctorate and must be approved by the faculty responsible. In addition, the enrolment of foreign students may be extended if this is necessary as a result of provisions relating to residence permits (§ 14 paragraph 5 of the enrolment regulations (Immatrikulationssatzung) of the University of Bayreuth).

For clarification, it should be pointed out that this regulation only applies to enrolment for the purposes of a doctorate, and not to the doctorate itself.


For further questions relating to doctoral studies, please contact the student office.