Maseno @ UBT

Maseno University at the University of Bayreuth

The University of Bayreuth welcomed and hosted a delegation of four Kenyan scientists from Maseno University (Vice-Chancellor of Maseno University, Prof. Dominik Makawiti, the Director of the Maseno Botanic Garden, Prof- John Inyango, a Social Development Consultant, Prof. Omondi Ahawo and the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Lake Victoria Basin Development Authority, Dr. Peter Abuko) from 30th June to 4th July 2014 at the second CREATE Workshop. CREATE (Consortium for Research in East African Tropical Ecosystems) is a joint initiative between both universities promoting the improvement of livelihoods in the Lake Victoria Basin. The workshop also resulted in strengthening the close collaboration between both partners.  

The second CREATE workshop concluded in numerous results, such as implementing long-term goals for the Lake Victoria Basin, the aim to establishing A Flagship Centre involving Maseno University, other cooperation’s and initiatives of the Lake Basin Authority. The Flagship Centre should demonstrate how to effectively implement environmental problem solving and building understanding to improve livelihoods in the Lake Victoria Basin. The participants also discussed the third CREATE Workshop scheduled for February 2015 at Maseno University. Both universities intend to extend geographically to the locations Nzoia River Basin and Ruma National Park. The hope is to integrate a broad spectrum of livelihoods by expanding to these regions, whilst keeping the interests of stakeholders locally in mind.

The current MOU between both partners was also extended during the second workshop and builds a strong foundation for the partnership and implementation of the projects.